Usage Report

Usage Summary
Total number of calculations performed 385
Date range of calculations 01:19pm Thu 18 Apr 2019 to
02:55pm Sat 15 Jun 2019
Number of calculations emailed 73
RV Summary
Maximum RV used in calculations $156484685
Minimum RV used in calculations $560
Average RV of calculations $4376372
Range of RV in calculations (max - min) $156484125
Median RV of calculations $78242622
Property Type Summary
Regional CBD16
Residential - excl Ōtaki17
Residential - Ōtaki 5
City or District Council Area Summary
Carterton district10
Hutt City66
Kapiti Coast district24
Masterton district15
Porirua City31
South Wairarapa district10
Tararua district1
Upper Hutt City44
Wellington City184
Year Summary
2009/10 Confirmed1
2014/15 Confirmed1
2015/16 Confirmed3
2016/17 Confirmed2
2017/18 Confirmed10
2018/19 Confirmed84
2019/20 Alternate79
2019/20 Proposed205